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 Like pumping iron, personal training has made a difference in my life. Over the many
years I’ve been at this I have crossed paths with scores of cool people I would
never have met, some of whom I’ve gone on to forge lasting friendships with.
Earlier this summer I attended the high school graduation of the daughter of my
longest team member; when I first met her she was a kid with braces playing
hopscotch! But no matter whether my partnership with anyone lasts two days, two
weeks, two months, or two years, I like to push, and praise, and teach. And
yeah, laugh too. Where is it written that you can’t have fun and sweat?

While sometimes I’m a backboard for a teammate’s frustration at a stubborn body part
that will not yield; and while it is true  that more than once I’ve had a mild epithet thrown my way for pushing someone too hard…the fact remains that not from anyone, not once in 20 years, have
I ever heard the words
, “Gee, Rob, I’m really sorry I started

 All right, I digress. If you can swing a personal trainer, wonderful and good. But
please—let common sense dictate. Be wary of a trainer looking for a huge
commitment up front
A complimentary session to see how you click is not
an unreasonable request from your end. If the trainer balks at that, walk away
quickly. A good trainer will be eager to show you he’s for real. Once he’s got your money it’s too late to
find out that he routinely shows up late or blows off appointments altogether,
or spends your training session with an eye on his
cell phone. In fact having a trainer is not unlike having a doctor or an
accountant. Find a relationship that works—for you. If you see results and look
forward to your sessions, then chances are you’ve struck personal training

       One further note: A good trainer does more than train—he educates. When I took over the
training of a gal who had been with her former trainer for over a year, she
could not tell me what exercises he’d had her do for her triceps—she was
confused as to where her triceps even were! To my thinking, this trainer had let
his client down by making her wholly dependent upon him. Imagine a language
teacher having you memorize sentences in French without teaching you what they
mean! How are you to survive in France should you ever choose to visit? This
poor lady was lost without her trainer—obviously the way he wanted it.



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