1. Couch potatoes roll. An active body MOVES. Stand, don't sit. Walk, don't ride.



2. Exercise should never be drudgery. Like a healthy sex life, INVENTIVENESS is the spice that keeps us interested.



3. Sweating is COOL.



4. "No pain, no gain" was invented by a masochist. Go for the BURN, not the hurt.



5. Honor your cheat days as your honor your GOALS. Both help keep us going.



6. When in doubt, use COMMON SENSE. No chart of book will assist you more.



7. In the gym, Arnold Schwarznegger had bad days too. KEEP GOING.



9. Speaking of in the gym:

           a. observe

           b. listen

           c. ASK QUESTIONS, people like to help (Miss Fitness USA is still learning too.)



10. Be TENACIOUS, like the postman. "Neither rain, nor sleet..." (You get the picture)



11. Bonus commandment: Have a hot fudge sundae once a month. (I recommend Margie's Candies on Montrose). Your SOUL needs attention too!



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