Lakeview Boystown and Wrigleyville Personal Training!

Basement Philosophy

It is a state of mind that was born during my high school days in the basement of my parents’ home, where I first began “pumping iron” with a pair of rusty dumbbells fashioned by my dad out of old industrial gears. Thirty years later, in my home in lakeview and boystown, in the center of wrigleyville, I continue to embrace a philosophy of training that has nothing to do with geography and everything to do with attitude.

I like to think of myself not just as a personal trainer, but as a training contractor whose job it is to lay foundations that will not crack at the first sign of stress, whether it be illness, or simple overindulgence of “the good life”.

Common sense and a dedication to our goals are the twin handles to our success. To the Doubting Thomas’s among you, take heart: ANYONE, of ANY AGE, can make a HUGE difference in the way they look and feel, if they are willing to velcro a handful of minutes to their week and commit to the wonderful world of fitness and training!

So come visit me in Boystown! Parachute down in Lakeview! Take a ballgame in at Cubs park in Wrigleyville and then pop three blocks over to my home at QUADS gym at 3727 N. Broadway and let me show you what we have to offer. Personal Training has never been so fun since I hooked up with QUADS! My commitment and joy as a personal trainer at QUADS is to introduce you to the very latest in exercise equipment and the best way to use it. In this way you can be sure that your training will always be on target.

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