Its What Personal Training’s All About


A common complaint I hear from new clients who have worked with trainers in the past, is that their former trainer was less interested in training them out than he was in training himself–his mouth, that is, while he yakked about his love life or whatever–or even worse, looking at his cell phone every 90 seconds. To my thinking, this is letting your teammate down, whether it is in Lakeview Boystown Wrigleyville or India.

It is your needs that are important, not mine. We are in this together to get you the body you deserve! This means sitting down together to establish realistic goals, whether they be losing your spare tire, getting that bubble butt (guy or gal, I’m an expert!), developing a muscular chest, or just creating an all around better looking–and better feeling–you. A you with energy to spare! A you with increased strength and vigor! I promise you your training will be hard, yet at the same time, be prepared to have a little fun, for life is short, brothers and sisters. I too enjoy the occasional ice cream cone, or slice of pizza–but I like a hard body too. You CAN have it all–if you keep it all together!!!

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